Use FolderShare to Share & Sync Files

August 6, 2008 – 7:51 am by Gabe Anderson | 3 Comments

One of the must-have apps that’s installed on all my Windows machines (plus there’s also a Mac version) is Windows Live FolderShare, which enables you to automatically share and synchronize files and folders across the Internet (and access them from anywhere).


FolderShare is free, peer-to-peer file sharing — or self-to-self file sharing, as the case may be. I use it both ways.

As noted on the FolderShare Web site, use the app to do the following:

  • Keep files in sync across your computers.
  • Share folders with friends.
  • Access your files from any computer.

In fact, the concept is so simple, the learn more page is incredibly concise. Additionally, FolderShare is a simple way to ensure that your most important files are always backed up on at least one other machine.

Getting FolderShare set up is super-easy. Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Install the small app (it’ll always run in the background).
  2. Create an account.
  3. Specify a folder whose contents you want to synchronize.
  4. Repeat on other computers.

Here are some ways I use FolderShare for both work and personal stuff:


  • Group shares for files we want to share with everyone (doubles as backup on colleagues’ machines since if your machine crashes, files are still on the machines of others)
  • Project notes and documentation
  • Articulate Presenter project share (see Method 2 of my Word of Mouth blog entry on the topic)
  • Screenshots (I take lots of screenshots for blog entries, supporting customers, etc., so I like to have access to my screenshots across all machines)
  • Daily software builds (so that our dev, QA, and support teams always have access to latest versions of products in development)


  • Private share (for a quick and dirty way to share files between laptop & desktop)
  • My RoboForm Data (sync your RoboForm data folder so you always have latest logins,SafeNotes, etc. on all of your computers)
  • Quicken (ensure my latest financial data is always present and backed up on all of my computers)

FolderShare screenshot

All that and once you install it, it just works — automatically in the background.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Use FolderShare to Share & Sync Files”

  2. Good post!

    I know an equally (if not more) powerful product that use google network, I bet you will love it.

    Check out, you can do folder share/browse/sync among your own computers and your close friends, through Google network. It has all the functions that FolderShare has, in addition it has powerful browse functions that allow you to play slideshow or play music instantly before you decide to download/sync.

    It even has built-in vnc allow you to remote control your computer or collaborate with your friends.

    Gbridge is tiny(1.8MB) but very powerful and easy to use. Need a google id to run, only has Windows version though.

    By lightyear on Aug 12, 2008

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