Use Garmin Connect to Track & Visualize Run Data

May 31, 2009 – 8:15 pm by Gabe Anderson | No Comments

I was psyched to read this blog post a few days ago: Garmin Connect welcomes all Garmin fitness devices. I’d been waiting for that news for nearly a year — ever since deciding to save some money by purchasing the older Garmin Forerunner 305 vs. the newer 405.

I already had a Garmin Connect account and had even used it to successfully upload some old data off my FR 305 way back when, so I almost immediately jumped on the news and started uploading all of my more recent runs to the site. I was immediately hooked.


Along with basic run data like your total distance, pace per mile, and more, you get to visualize data like the following:

  • Elevation
  • Heart rate (I just re-ordered the heart rate monitor I lost last year in Puerto Rico)
  • Speed

You can review all the cool Garmin Connect features here.

One of the coolest features is the ability to Replay Activities, which allows you to play back your run while you watch your route on an integrated Google Map, and your changing pace, elevation, and distance traveled.

You can track goals, see split data, and run reports. You can customize the name, description, and type of each activitiy, and choose whether each one should be public or private, so that you can share links to your runs with your friends, or keep them private.

As a technology guy who’s also hooked on running (training for my third marathon this summer), I love this stuff. I just finished off a record month today (215.8 miles) with a 15-mile run. And now, with Garmin Connect, I can analyze my run data like never before.

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