Jott: Call a Number, Get a Transcribed Email Reminder

February 5, 2008 – 8:22 am by Gabe Anderson | 1 Comment

Along with RoboForm and Ta-da List, Jott has become one of the key productivity tools that I use several times daily.


Jott’s tagline says it all:

Think it. Jott it. Do it.

Anyone who’s read Getting Things Done understands the importance of getting a thought out of your head and into a place where you can later evaluate and act on it — be it a reminder to schedule your car maintenance, pick up the dry cleaning, buy your honey a special somethin’ somethin’ for Valentine’s Day, or note an idea for a future blog entry.

If you’re at all like me and use your email for managing your reminders and projects, then Jott is a perfect complement to your productivity. How often are you driving, running, skiing, coming out of a meeting, or otherwise doing something where you don’t want to forget a thought and don’t have a pen and paper handy? Jott solves that problem.

I use Jott for both personal and work stuff (I can Jott “myself” for work and “my Gmail” for personal reminders).

It’s easy to set up:

  • Create a free account at
  • Add your cell phone number.
  • Start Jotting yourself — Jott knows it’s you based on your phone number!

Jott is awesome. It allows you to do all of this and more:

  • Jott yourself an immediate note that you’ll receive as a transcribed email with a link to the source audio
  • Jott yourself a reminder to send you an email and text message on your cell phone on a particular date and time
  • Jott anyone in your contact list just as you’d Jott yourself
  • Set up Jott Links to external services like Google Calendar so that you can automatically add reminders and events to your calendar

You can even Jott special keywords like “Amazon” — say a product name and get a list of top 5 results in your email.

My #1 Jott feature request: Provide a Jott Link for Ta-da List. There’s already one for Backpack (another product from 37signals), so hopefully Ta-da integration will be coming soon.

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