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December 23, 2008 – 9:20 am by Gabe Anderson | 3 Comments

I’ve long been a Quicken user and still use it for the primary management of mine and my wife’s finances (currently on Quicken Deluxe 2007). I’ve also tried out just about every online financial management tool out there, including Wesabe and

Since my first interaction with it during its beta period, has consistently impressed me and stood above the rest, for its simplicity, comprehensiveness, and ease of use.

Plus, it’s almost totally automated: You configure your accounts once and from then on, it automatically downloads and categorizes all of your transactions and account balances for all your cash, credit, and even investment accounts.

Along with being very secure, provides a number of other great features:

  • One-time setup (followed by automatic updating of accounts)
  • Automatic expense categorization (you can tweak)
  • Accessible anywhere (all you need is an Internet connection & a Web browser… or iPhone)
  • Beautiful, interactive charts (in the Trends tab)
  • Suggestions on ways to save (better credit card offers, etc.)
  • Lots more… won the TechCrunch 2007 and since last year, I’ve really seen lots of improvements in the site (no doubt the $17 million of venture capital funding helps).

Every time I spent a little time with, I question while I’m still using Quicken (maybe for the historical data?). Intuit keeps trying to get me to pay for an upgrade to Quicken 2009, but rather than doing that, maybe I’ll just invest more time in what offers for free.

There’s even a new iPhone app for, which I’ve already installed and is really cool in providing a snapshot of your finances, details on recent transactions, etc.: iPhone app

Intuit now offers its Quicken Online free of charge, likely in an effort to compete with and other free online financial management apps.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Manage Finances Automatically with”

  2. Gabe,
    I love Mint, but, although it lets me see all my accounts etc. It doesn’t allow me to interact with them (pay bills, transfer funds etc.) Do you know of any software that will?

    By Matt Kopans on Dec 24, 2008

  3. I’ve been using Mint and Buxfer. Eventually I’ll decide on one that I’ll use going forward. Mint is a nicer interface, but I like the structure with Buxfer.

    Matt, you might try Buxfer.

    I am hoping they go to more of an envelope system so that it’s easier for me to track my budget and carry the amounts forward.

    By Tom on Dec 26, 2008

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