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October 30, 2008 – 8:19 am by Gabe Anderson | 2 Comments

x1_logo.gif One of the must-have utilities in my daily work arsenal is X1, which archives every email and file on my computer in real-time — as new emails come in and out, and as files change — and enables me to search for anything with lightning-fast speed. It’s like Gmail for the workplace since you use it with Outlook or Lotus.

Download the X1 Professional client and start indexing your emails, then you never have to worry about organizing your emails into folders again. Just like Gmail: Search, don’t sort.

You can search by keyword/phrase or specify other criteria like From, To, Subject, or even Attachment name, and your archived emails pop up instantly:

 x1 screenshot

If you’re looking for an email you sent, just start to type the word “Sent” in the Folder Name column and boom! There are all the emails matching your search term in your Sent Items folder.

X1 will search your active Exchange mailbox as well as all of your archived .PSTs. Since I started my current job more than 4 1/2 years ago, I’ve rarely permanently deleted any email, so I have more than 170,000 archived and instantly searchable emails, thanks to X1 (that total includes old support emails from when we were a smaller company and support emails would come directly to my account).

Here’s a cool way to use X1, which many of my colleagues and I do:

  1. After you’ve read or acted on an email, just delete it (like archiving in Gmail).
  2. Ensure your Outlook settings will never empty your Deleted Items folder (Tools -> Options -> Other -> Uncheck Empty the Deleted Items folder upon exiting).
  3. Set X1 to index your Deleted Items folder (Tools -> Options -> Indexing -> Email -> Outlook -> Select Folders To Scan).
  4. My Deleted Items folder gets auto-archived to a local .PST folder along with other mailboxes every 14 days, so everything just works automatically and keeps the size of my mailbox on the Exchange server down, and my Outlook running fast:

Deleted Items Auto Archive Settings

If you use your Outlook to check other email accounts via IMAP, you can even configure X1 to index those accounts or specific folders in those accounts.

Another tip: Set the X1 preference to  Keep copies of email in index (Tools -> Options -> Indexing -> Email). This ensures that your email previews pop up as quickly in X1 as they do in Outlook itself.

I’ve tried other desktop search tools — yes, even Google Desktop — and X1 is far superior to every other one out there.  X1 just works and works well.

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  2. Just testing another interesting outlook add-in called Lookeen(! Seems really cool!

    By Mitchell on Jul 21, 2010

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