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June 10, 2008 – 9:33 am by Gabe Anderson | No Comments

As I wrote in the welcome post when I relaunched this blog as gabeanderson.com 6.0, I registered this domain name 10 years ago today:

Created on: 10-Jun-98
Expires on: 08-Jun-09
Last Updated on: 30-May-08

In 1996, my Netscape 2.0-optimized Web site looked a little something like the below, and proudly declared that “this is my little contribution to one of the fastest-growing communities in the world: the Internet:”

The Gabe Zone 1996

In 1998 when I registered this domain, I relaunched it to look like this (this is the about section):

gabeanderson.com 1998

Ten years might not seem like a long time, but in Internet time, that’s pretty much an eternity. Recall that the Web as we know it didn’t really exist. Netscape 1.0 (which I vividly recall using on my PowerBook 520c) was only launched 4 years prior, in 1994. Amazon.com was still a new company (launched in 1995). Ethernet, wifi, and broadband connections weren’t really prevalent; it was during my years in college that my campus made the switch from AppleTalk to Ethernet (circa 1997 or 1998). A 500 MB hard drive was considered huge and no one could imagine ever filling one up. My foray into the e-elearning industry in 1999 was with an employer (e-learning pioneer Headlight.com) whose original Web servers were connected to the Internet via two 56k modems (remember those?).

So just how long ago was 1998? Let’s reflect a bit on some of the other events from that year:

  • Blogs didn’t really exist (nor did any blogging software)
  • Smoking is banned in California
  • The Unabomber pleads guilty
  • President Bill Clinton is in office
  • Monica Lewinsky captures the public eye
  • Titanic sweeps the Oscars
  • Apple launches the first iMac
  • Microsoft releases Windows 98
  • Google is founded (yes, youngins, there was a time before Google!)
  • A professional wrestler (Jesse Ventura) is elected governor of Minnesota
  • AOL rules the Internet & acquires Netscape for $4.2 billion
  • Gabe enters his senior year of college
  • gabeanderson.com is registered & goes live for the first time

It’s hard to imagine what the Internet will be in another 10 years. Yesterday Apple announced the second-generation iPhone (iPhone 3G), which includes broadband-like speeds on your phone, GPS-enabled mapping, and, of course, photos, music, video, and lots more. No one could’ve imagined such a device in 1998.

What will technology look like in 2018?

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