Welcome to gabeanderson.com 6.0: technology edition

January 31, 2008 – 8:15 am by Gabe Anderson | 2 Comments

Welcome to the new gabeanderson.com 6.0: technology edition. It’s been more than a year since the last imagining of this site (my personal blog) went offline in November 2006. The time has come to reimagine it and relaunch it.

Who’s Gabe?

My name’s Gabe Anderson. By day, I’m Director of Customer Support for the #1 most rockin’ elearning software company in the world. By night, weekends, and in between, I’m passionate about lots of things in life and technology is no exception.

Some people pursue higher degrees in a laser-focused area of study. Others get bored easily, moving quickly from interest to interest. I’m somewhere in the middle: I’m really passionate about a number of things, including skiing, running, finances, food, wine, travel, writing, blogging, and technology. I also love spending time with my wife, my friends, and my family.

So finding an area of focus for the new version of this blog was not easy. Would it be finance? Nah, a bit too personal and there’s already a great finance blog I read regularly. Would it be skiing or running? I love both sports, but I wasn’t really into having a sports blog.

Technology has always fit the bill for me and it always will. It’s exciting and innovative and it never gets old. There’s always something new to discover or learn or write about. Someone will always need help and I’ll always be there to lend a hand.

My Blogging Career

I launched my first personal Web site in 1995; I call that one v1. It went through 4 major revisions over the years and was brought onto this domain when I purchased it 10 years ago:

Created on: 10-Jun-98
Expires on: 09-Jun-08

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun. So along with having an itch to bring this site back online, the 10-year-anniversary of its registration seems like a great time to do so. That and it’s the last day of the first month of the new year, so I wanted to squeeze in a January launch.

Version 5.0 of gabeanderson.com (online 2002-2006) reached its peak in 2005 (also the last full year of data) with 243,228 unique visitors who visited 418,280 times, had 1,139,170 page views, pulled down 4,309,860 hits, and used 71.83 GB of bandwidth. Those are some impressive numbers and it still surprises me quite a bit to think that I had more than a quarter million visitors and more than a million page views once upon a time.

I’ve set the bar pretty high for myself, I think. But it’s time to (attempt to) recreate that magic. The last tagline of this blog was this:

commentary by gabe: technology, politics, life (since 2000)

And as of this writing, I’ve published 2,011 blog entries between my personal blog (2000-present) and my work blog (2004-present). Here’s to many more in this, my third concurrent blog.

The New Incarnation of This Blog

So that’s where we are today — gabeanderson.com 6.0: technology edition, where I’ll be focusing primarily on the tech aspect. There will be lots of new content, and I may even republish many of the classics from the last incarnation of this blog.

I want this site to be a useful repository of tech tips I use myself and which hopefully you’ll find useful, too. I’ve always been that go-to guy for computer questions, so it’s about time I embraced that through an actual tech support blog.

“It’s what you were born to do,” my lovely wife said last night. It is. Technology is my passion and my career, so it’s time to make it a hobby on this blog once again.

Welcome, and I hope you’ll come by often!

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  2. 😀 Looking good!! I like the new site!

    By Lane on Jan 31, 2008

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