Organize Your Desktop Icons with Fences

February 17, 2009 – 9:35 am by Gabe Anderson | No Comments

A clean desktop — both real and electronic — is one of those things for which many of us strive.

On my Windows computers, I’ve started using a “Junk” folder at the root level of my hard drive (C:\Junk) with a corresponding alias / shortcut on my desktop to stash all the temporary files with which I work during the day and don’t want cluttering up my desktop. It also allows me to save disk space by regularly purging the folder’s contents, and not including unnecessary files in my automated backups (via Mozy).

I do, however, keep a handful of program and folder shortcuts on my desktop. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep those organized — and even hidden or displayed with just a double-click on the desktop?

With a really cool little utility called Fences, now you can.


After installation, Fences offers to organize your current desktop items for you: It groups them into logical categories and creates virtual “fences” around each group, giving you the ability to move each group of icons where you want it on your desktop.

Then you can double-click to make all fences invisible, giving you that clean desktop. You can even specify which fences or individual icons you don’t want to hide.

It’s a simple concept, but really goes a long way in helping you feel more organized when working on your computer.

(Thanks, Adam, for the tip.)

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